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Roundton Hill Nature Reserve. Source of Etonridge Spring Water.



Our spring water is composed of essential minerals and nutrients as a result of hundreds of years of undisturbed passage through the ancient rock formations in the mid-Wales county of Montgomeryshire. Bottled in the rural village of Churchstoke; an area of outstanding natural beauty, nurturing wildlife and supporting foliage including 470 plant varieties, such as the mountain pansy.

330ml Etonridge Bottle Still FT.png
330ml Etonridge Bottle Sparkling FT.png
750ml Etonridge Bottle Still FT.png
750ml Etonridge Bottle Sparkling FT.png

Montogomeryshire. Untouched Purity

On the English Welsh border

Naturally sourced pure water from
the deep-seated hills of the
Roundton Hill Nature Reserve,
volcanic in origin and managed by
the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust
on the English Welsh border.

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