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We recognise that our natural environment is critical to preserve and the eco-system in which we work is sustainable, protected and respectful to nature. Every last drop of water that finds its way into Etonridge Naturally Sourced Spring Water originates from protected free-flowing spring sources or a natural mineral source, both of which are left as nature intended. We care deeply about the inclusive relationship of our brand, not only with consumers, but with nature, society and the local community where we bottle. As part of our corporate social responsibility, over the past few years, we've installed over 2,000 solar panels to generate the electricity to run the bottling lines. Furthermore, all our PET is blown on site to reduce bulk transportation to site; significantly reducing the number of inbound deliveries. Through a combination of investments and improvements to our ways of working, we continuously seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint. 

The areas of land surrounding our sources are subject to rigorous and extensive environmental protection. The catchment area, where rain and snow seep into the soil to then journey underground through layers of rock, is a highly protected zone and often extends up to several thousands of hectares. As a member of the Natural Source Waters Association, they are instrumental in protecting around 350,000 acres in the UK, an area the equivalent of the Peak District National Park.

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